Why did Itachi kill his best friend?

Why did Itachi kill his best friend?

If Itachi sought after the best for Sasuke, why did he ask him to kill his best friend? Supposedly the whole thing Itachi did was once for the best of Sasuke. To stay him alive, to give him a objective to live on and get more potent, and so on. But he additionally requested him to kill his best friend to get the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Who had been Itachi’s buddies?


  • Deidara. A former ninja from The Hidden Rock Village and terrorist bomber.
  • Hidan. Hidan is a member of the felony organization known as akatsuki within the anime and manga series Naruto.
  • Kabuto. A Jounin from the Hidden sound Village.
  • Kakuzu.
  • Kisame Hoshigaki.
  • Obito Uchiha.
  • Orochimaru.
  • Pain.

Who killed shisui Uchiha?

Using Shisui’s death to his merit, Itachi later informed Sasuke Uchiha that he did kill Shisui to evoke his Mangekyō Sharingan and cast the suicide word, all so as to inspire Sasuke to kill him as repentance for his crimes.

Who killed Itachi’s friend?

Tenma killed by way of the masked guy. Team 2’s efficiency all over its first yr – thank you largely to Itachi – earned them the ceremonial honour of being the Fire Daimyō’s guard all over his annual commute to Konoha.

What did Itachi tell Sasuke when he died?

Short Answer. Itachi’s final phrases after their fight had been “Forgive me, Sasuke. There won’t be a subsequent time”.

Did Itachi think Tobi was once Madara?

Also, Madara had nothing towards Uchiha clan, he had at all times wanted to make Uchiha extra robust. So Tobi used to be not Madara. Also, if Itachi may perform tsukuyomi on Tobi, he will have identified Tobi’s secret identity but he did not want any unhealthy blood. He used to be saving his existence for Sasuke…

Who is Kisame best friend?

He is a former scholar of the fourth hokage, Minato. He is accountable for the Nine-Tails Attack on Konoha as well as the Uchiha clan massacre, ruining each Naruto and Sasuke’s lives. His best friend is Kakashi Hatake and his love interest is Rin Nohara.

Did Itachi respect Kakashi?

While Itachi was now not overly pleasant with the Hatake prodigy, the Uchiha did admire Kakashi. They had a tentatively symbiotic pairing between them, nevertheless it all fell apart when Itachi stopped fearing Kakashi and viewed him as a disadvantage to transparent.

What is Itachi’s Susanoo?

Itachi’s Susanoo wielded a blade which was curved in nature and resembled a dagger or tantō moderately than a sword. Itachi demonstrated the ability to manifest this blade whilst most effective forming his Susanoo’s ribcage and arms.

What was Itachi closing phrases?

Why did Itachi need Sasuke’s eyes?

The truth is, he did no longer in reality need to steal his brother’s eyes. The viewpoint was moreover a part of the staging and aimed to alert and train Sasuke regarding the particularities of Uchiha dojutsu. Properly, we’ve were given to do not omit that Itachi wanted to trick Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Does Itachi have a girlfriend?

Itachi does now not have a girlfriend, and in reality ladies it isn’t going to happen. Fan women he isn’t a man to clam. Just because your his fan doesn’t mean he’s your boyfriend! I am a fan lover too and I will be able to’t just move as much as anybody and say “Itachi is my boyfriend” despite the fact that it’s in my username.

Does Itachi have youngsters?

On the rating end of things, she becomes a chunin after which marries Itachi Uchiha. Itachi and Izumi have two kids and she lives until 80 years sooner than dieing of previous age along Itachi.

Is Itachi Uchiha an INFJ?

Uchiha Itachi – INFJ Introverted – Itachi used to be somebody who stored to himself, who generally spoke handiest when he had one thing vital to mention. We infrequently see him talk in Akatsuki conferences or even during his early life he wasn’t the loudmouthed sort. iNtuitive – One of Itachi’s key philosophies was once that of items now not always being what they seem.

Does Itachi Uchiha die?

Itachi Uchiha died from his sickness in addition to eye injury from over-using the strongest genjutsu in all of Naruto, the Tsukuyomi . Also taking into account that he additionally had to kill the entire civilians of his clan with this transfer in addition to future combatants, Itachi couldn’t stand it anymore.

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