Why did Ian die in pretty little liars?

Why did Ian die in pretty little liars?

He used to be pushed from the church bell tower via Alison DiLaurentis after attempting to kill Spencer Hastings, even though he survived the autumn and later walked away. He was once later discovered deceased with a suicide be aware. However, the suicide be aware is printed to be a fake and composed of A’s textual content messages in later episodes.

What happened between Ian and Alison?

While in a dating with Melissa, Ian has a secret affair with a 14-year-old Alison. Things end pretty badly between the 2, and then she goes lacking. Years later, Alison is liable for pushing Ian down the bell tower to forestall him from killing Spencer.

Who took Ian’s body to the bell tower?

Is Ian lifeless? Yes. A/Mona got rid of Ian’s frame from the bell tower with Lucas’ assist.

Is Ian accountable in pretty little liars?

In Season 3 a few of his movies are discovered and then destroyed by Hanna Marin. In an interview with I. Marlene King, she showed that Ian did, in truth, devote suicide, for unknown reasons. Mona used to be the one who faked the suicide be aware.

Who was once the one who killed Ian in Pretty Little Liars?

It was once Alison who driven him to his death in the bell tower, then A took his body and made it appear to be a suicide. I’m guessing on the time it used to be Mona who took his body.

Where does Ian show up in Pretty Little Liars?

At the end of the episode Ian shows up during Alison’s Memorial Dedication. Spencer is just about to begin her speech when she sees him. The Liars are standing next to Hanna’s locker after they spot Ian in the hallway of their faculty. Emily tells them he got hired as the new box hockey coach.

Why did Charlotte kill Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Bethany and Alison were wearing the similar garments and so Charlotte mistaked Alison for Bethany and hit her in the pinnacle with a rock. Ali’s mother saw this. Realizing her mistake, Ali’s mom and her buried her, and Mrs. Grunwald discovered her. I watch strategy to a lot PLL.

Who was Ian Thomas dating in Pretty Little Liars?

He dated Alison, Melissa, and had a factor for Spencer. He was driven from the church bell tower by Alison DiLaurentis after making an attempt to kill Spencer Hastings, even if he survived the autumn and later walked away.

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