Who stole the spirit stick in Bring It On?

Who stole the spirit stick in Bring It On?

Complicating the competition is the two cheer camps: the teams are each at the similar camp, however the director is in a battle of egos with the different camp, Camp Victory. The two captains don’t like every other (duh), but when Carson and Penn run off on a late-night non-date, the spirit stick entrusted to Carson is stolen.

What do you put on spirit sticks?

Buying or Making Spirit Sticks

  1. Paint the wood dowel or paper towel roll with paint in your crew’s colours.
  2. Allow the paint to dry, then practice a 2nd coat.
  3. Decorate the stick creatively – you’ll add glitter, sequins, all the squad contributors’ signatures or a cool animated film of your crew’s mascot.

What age is pitch best for?

Thirteen years

Is Bring It On on Netflix?

The cheerleading comedy Bring It On, starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union, is bouncing onto Netflix in May, in conjunction with one in every of its 4 follow-ups, Bring It On: All or Nothing.

What does bring it in Mean?

“Bring it in” is a North American expression that requests that people acquire together in shut proximity. It is in most cases associated with pictures, final bows at the end of a show or play, or a bunch hug, however may also be expanded to any amassing of persons in close bodily proximity.

Who performs Torrance little brother in Bring It On?

Cody McMains earned his film stripes as Torrance’s tense little brother, Justin. At the time, the 14-year-old actor already had a couple of credits beneath his belt, including Escape to Grizzly Mountain.

What does have for lunch imply?

Definition of eat/have someone or something for lunch : to outdo or defeat anyone or one thing very badly The large hardware chain was once consuming/having the native retailer for lunch.

Can I devour lunch at 11am?

Lunch will have to be about 4 to five hours after breakfast. For example, for those who ate breakfast at 7 am, consume lunch between Eleven am and midday. If it isn’t possible for you to devour lunch till 2 pm on a particular day, then plan a snack in between those two meals.

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