Who most likely yearbook ideas?

Who most likely yearbook ideas?

Profession-Based Yearbook Superlatives

  • Most likely to be president.
  • Most likely to be the next Bill Gates.
  • Most likely to transform a comedian.
  • Most likely to turn out to be a motivational speaker.
  • Most likely to turn into a professional athlete.
  • Most likely to develop into a commute blogger.
  • Most likely to end up on Broadway.

What are good senior superlatives?

Senior Superlative Ideas for Any High School Yearbook

  • Life of the Party.
  • Most Likely to Be President.
  • Most Likely to Cure the Common Cold.
  • Most Likely to Write the next Harry Potter.
  • Most Likely to Win the Lottery and lose the ticket.
  • Most Likely to Be on a Reality Show.
  • Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation.

What are superlatives for yearbook?

Yearbook superlatives were a landmark tradition for many years. Every year, everybody votes for ‘The Best…’ or ‘The Most…’ a identify or phrase to explain your classmates or teachers in a fun and inventive approach.

What is a superb superlative?

Finally, there are three quite common adjectives that have very irregular comparative and superlative paperwork. They are just right > higher > best possible, dangerous > worse > worst and some distance > further > furthest: His computer is healthier than mine.

What is a highschool superlative?

Senior superlatives is an SCHS tradition every year that allows seniors to vote for their peers in quite a few classes.

Who most likely to awards?

Most Likely to… Awards

  • Run a company.
  • Paint a masterpiece.
  • Win an Oscar.
  • Become the arena’s most powerful man/woman.
  • Get married first.
  • Move abroad.
  • Save the planet.
  • Top the charts.

What are superlatives video games?

The Superlative Game is a simple icebreaker that asks gamers to line up in ascending order for more than a few other categories (e.g. height, birthday month, and so forth.). Players will be divided into a couple of groups of no less than 5 other people. This game can be played each indoors or outdoors.

Do you’ve got a listing of superlatives for the yearbook?

A excellent yearbook superlatives listing offers you a host of significant ideas for your yearbook, nevertheless it’ll additionally give you inspiration for funny superlatives distinctive for your college.

What should I write in my high school yearbook?

Senior Superlative Ideas for Any High School Yearbook Life of the Party Most Likely to Be President Most Likely to Cure the Common Cold Most Likely to Write the following Harry Potter Most Likely to Win the Lottery and lose the price tag Most Likely to Be on a Reality Show Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation Most Likely to Trip at Graduation

What to look for in a senior yearbook?

Whether you’re searching for the most efficient senior superlatives or an inventory that may have everyone death with laughter, those ideas will allow you to by no means let pass of the memories. From the original footage of your entire buddies and particular events to sweet messages, yearbooks are something to cherish.

What to do together with your senior year superlatives?

Pair your superlative with a significant commencement gift if you and your closest pals are going to stick involved. If you might be on the lookout for more senior yr inspiration, check out the most productive senior 12 months checklist. Shutterfly Community is right here to help capture and share existence’s most vital moments.

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