Who is the character in the Stanton Optical commercial?

Who is the character in the Stanton Optical commercial?

Brian Thomas Smith –
Brian Thomas Smith – Wikipedia.

Who is macula in Stanton Optical?

In the spots, we are introduced to the world of Macula, an infamous megalomaniacal designer of haute couture eyewear who throws childlike tantrums and treats his taxidermied dog better than his staff—he is the embodiment of the old regime.

Who is the camera guy in the Liberty Mutual commercial?

David Hoffman (XI)

How much is Brian Thomas Smith worth?

Brian Thomas Smith net worth: Brian Thomas Smith is an American actor and comedian who has a net worth of $1 million. Brian Thomas Smith was born in St. Louis, Missouri in May 1977.

Was Brian Thomas Smith in Fear Factor?

Brian Thomas Smith (born May 13, 1977) is an American actor and comedian known for playing the dim-witted Zack Johnson in The Big Bang Theory, and his appearances on Fear Factor and The Amazing Race Season 7.

Is Brian Quinn in a commercial?

For Quinn, Gatto’s top three results were: “Is Brian Quinn married,” “Is Brian Quinn single,” and finally, “Is Brian Quinn in Liberty Mutual commercial.” Apparently, the answer is no. James “Murr” Murray, who also stars on the show, shot back, “Q, I got news for you, you’re the bargain basement Brian Quinn.”

Is LiMu EMU a real animal?

As for how the emu appears in the ads, here’s the word from Jenna Lebel, vice president, brand and integrated marketing for the company: “LiMu Emu is a mix of a real bird and CGI. The final images of the emu in the commercials are a blend of footage captured from the live emus and our digitally created emu.

Who does Raj end up with?

Season 12. Raj is still working part-time at the planetarium. He also asks his father to find a wife for him. Raj becomes engaged to a woman named Anu.

What is Penny’s last name?

As such, the lore surrounding Penny’s surname will likely continue, though once she and Leonard were married she became Penny Hofstadter.

Does Brian Quinn want to get married?

Brian Quinn has never been married. Quinn’s only romantic involvement known to the public is his relationship with Emily Amick, a former makeup artist on ‘Impractical Jokers’. The duo got very close very quickly and there were even rumors about them being engaged.

Is LiMu EMU real bird?

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