Which state is abbreviated with in?

Which state is abbreviated with in?

From AL to WY

State/District Abbreviation Postal Code
Indiana Ind. IN
Iowa Iowa IA
Kansas Kans. KS
Kentucky Ky. KY

How do you abbreviate Boston Massachusetts?

BOS is a not unusual shortening of the city of Boston, Massachusetts and an internet acronym, frequently standing for boyfriend or boss over shoulder.

What nation is ma an abbreviation for?

Appendix DISO Country Codes for Selected Countries

Country Two-letter Abbreviation
Monaco MC
Mongolia MN
Morocco MA
Mozambique MZ

What does MA imply in Mexico?

Ma (generally underlined raised decrease case) it’s an abbreviation of María (Mary). No (underlined raised decrease case too) is abbreviation of Número (Number) -as in a area address.

What country has ma?

ma is the Internet nation code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Morocco (French: Maroc).

What is the usual abbreviation for Maine?

What are the two letter abbreviations for Maine and Nevada? Maine’s abbreviation is ME. Nevada’s abbreviation is NV. Find information concerning the Maine Abbreviation. Two digit state code for Maine. Maine state initials for TEENs, schools and homework help. STANDARD State abbreviations are two letters. The one for South Dakota is SD.

What state has me because the abbreviation?

Because alphabetically Maine (The Pine Tree State) is ahead of each different states starting with the same first two letters, some would possibly suppose Maine would have the postal abbreviation of “MA”. However, this isn’t the case, in reality, Maine’s state abbreviation is in truth “ME” – the primary and last letter.

What does Maine stand for?

The title Maine is of French starting place. The meaning of Maine is “mainland”. Maine is used as each a boys and girls name. It consists of five letters and 1 syllable and is pronounced Maine.

What is the state postal abbreviation for Massachusetts?

The bay state’s old abbreviation is simply as memorable as the two-letter postal abbreviation, the MA state abbreviation is the first four letters in the state title ending in a duration as follows: “Mass”.

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