Which god is responsible for rain?

Which god is responsible for rain?

As Greek god of the skies, Zeus is responsible for lightning, thunder, clouds, and rain.

Who is the Greek goddess of rain?

Watching the world from above was Calandra the goddess of rain. So bear in mind, whenever it rains, it is in truth Calandra, the Goddess of Rain crying.”

What is the water god’s name?

Poseidon, Olympian god of the sea and king of the sea gods; additionally god of flood, drought, earthquakes, and horses. His Roman identical is Neptune.

Is there a god or goddess of rain?

Mariamman, the Hindu goddess of rain. A weather god, additionally often referred to as a typhoon god, is a deity in mythology associated with climate phenomena equivalent to thunder, lightning, rain, wind, storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Rain and wind deities tend not to be portrayed as wrathful as thunder/lightning deities.

Who is rain god in India?

Indra is infrequently known as “the thousand-eyed.” In later Hinduism, Indra is no longer worshipped however performs the essential mythological roles of god of rain, regent of the heavens, and dad or mum of the east.

Who is the character god of crops?

Dionysus, god of wine, plants, pleasure, insanity, and festivity. The Roman similar is Bacchus. Gaia, the goddess of the earth and its personification.

Who is Zeus to Thor?

They were fully separate mythologies. Zeus is Greek, Thor was once Norse. If you’re speaking a sort of bond because of both having a relatively strong connection to thunder and lightning, that was most commonly it. Thor was once the god of thunder/lightning and it seems that fertility (glance it up).

Who is the Greek god of vegetation and nature?

Artemis, in Greek faith, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and plants and of chastity and childbirth; she was identified through the Romans with Diana. Artemis was once the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the dual sister of Apollo. Among the rural populace, Artemis used to be the favorite goddess.

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