Where does the FUNnel vision live?

Where does the FUNnel vision live?

3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC
3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173.

What nation is FGTeeV from?

FGTeeV Duddy Wiki

FGTeeV Duddy Wiki/Bio
Birthplace United States
Birth Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed

Where does the FGTeeV circle of relatives live 2021?

FGTeeV circle of relatives lived at 3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC. But the actual position of dwelling FGTeeV is America, United States.

Does FGTeeV live in Pennsylvania?

The famous familly pleasant gaming chanell Fgteev aka Funnel Vision lives in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, i actually exchange my answer as a result of the trees in the video where DUDDZ keeps getting hurt looks as if trees from seirra Nevada California/nevada, i love fish and i really like games i was born in june 25 2009 i like killing …

What is FGTeeV Lexi’s real name?

Alexis Ryan
Lexi. Lexi (born: July 24, 2006 (2006-07-24) [age 15]; actual identify Alexis Ryan) is the daughter of the circle of relatives and the oldest child. She is often referred to as Lex and Skylander Girl.

Is FGTeeV family wealthy?

As of July 2021, the FGTeeV Family has garnered a internet value of greater than $50 million. FGTeeV Duddy invented his channel in December 2006 and created the Funnel vision. His first video featured one-year-old Alexis and was posted on 25 August 2007.

Is FGTeeV dad truly colorblind?

Everyone has been asking is FUNnel Dad aka FGTEEV Duddy truly colour blind. The answer is yes, that is him trying out colour blind glasses for the first time!

How old is Shawn from FGTeeV?

age 5
Shawn. Shawn (born: November 17, 2015 (2015-11-17) [age 5]; actual name Shawn Ryan) is the youngest member of the circle of relatives.

How Old Is Mommy from FGTeeV?

FGTeeV Mom is Forty one years outdated as of 2020….Quick Facts: FGTeeV Mom Age: How Old Is FgTeev Mommy? Everything On Her Real Name and Family.

Name FGTeeV Mom
Birthday June 14, 1979
Age 41 years
Gender Female
Weight Sixty two kg

Is FGTeeV Duddy in truth blind?

What is FGTeeV real identify?

Vincent Carter is the actual name of the YouTuber FGTeeV Duddy, who was born on October 29, 1974, in the United States.

What does FGTeeV do for a residing?

While Duddy serves as the director, manufacturer, editor and from time to time the voiceover artist for most videos documenting his ‘adventures’ with his circle of relatives, his wife Samantha additionally contributes similarly in the production procedure for the channel.

What is FGTeeV Duddy’s mom actual identify?

FGTeeV Mom used to be born on June 14, 1979, and thus, her present age is considered to be Forty one years. As per official stories, we will be sure that her actual identify is in fact Samantha Ryan. Speaking about her family, she has been married to FGTeeV Duddy whose real title is Vincent Ryan.

What is FGTeeV mother actual title?

Samantha Ryan
Moomy. Moomy (born: June 14, 1979 age 42; real name Samantha Ryan) is the mom of the circle of relatives and sometimes called Mummy and Skylander Mom.

What’s FGTeeV Lexi’s actual name?

Is FGTeeV Duddy divorced?

Duddy is married to Samantha, who is known on their YouTube channels as Skylander Mom or simply as Mummy/Moomy/Mum/Mom. They have four youngsters in combination. Their eldest kid, daughter Alexis Ryan, is best referred to as Lex, Lexi or Skylander Girl.

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