Where do you get super rod in Crystal?

Where do you get super rod in Crystal?

You find the Super Rod in Kanto which you can only get to all over the post-game. Go south from Lavender till you achieve a area, there you will in finding the Super Rod.

Where do you get the super rod in silver?

Does any 1 know how to get the super rod in silver?

  1. superblobby answered: You get the super rod from the man on direction 12.
  2. DigDug Dude replied: You talk to somebody.
  3. nintendo_dude spoke back: Go to the Sports Fishing Area beneath Lavender Town in Kanto.
  4. Black_Dragon1090 responded:
  5. italy57 replied:

Where do I get a Water Stone in Pokemon Crystal?

Answers. Go to Bills Grandpa’s area which is where Bill lived in Red,Blue,Yellow (the route above Ceruleom City). Then display him a staryu and you will get a water stone.

Where can I catch Staryu in silver?

In Silver, you can to find Staryu via fishing in Route 34, Olivine City, Mahogany City, and Cerulean City Gym. re: staryu??? You can handiest find Staryu with a Good Rod or Super Rod despite the fact that, you proobably already knew that however there are some pokemon you can get with an Old Rod besides Magikarp rarely.

Can you breed Feebas with Ditto sword?

Just keep attempting? Feebas has egg groups, so it might breed. If it’s from the same teacher ID as your Ditto, it will probably take some time. Best combo for breeding is same species, other teacher ID.

What is the most productive nature for Milotic?

Milotic – Recommended Natures

Nature Traits
Bold Def↑ / Atk↓ With 79 Defense, Bold is the most productive nature for all physical tank builds.
Calm Sp.Def↑ / Atk↓ For a Sp. Defense variant.

What does shiny Milotic appear to be?

A run-of-the-mill Milotic has a cream-colored frame, pinkish hair-like fins, and a blue-black tail. The glossy type maintains the cream frame, however it adapts to have light-purple hair-like fins and a yellow-black tail.

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