What TV show used feels so good as theme song?

What TV show used feels so good as theme song?

“Feels So Good” is the name of an instrumental composition by way of the American flugelhorn participant Chuck Mangione. It used to be written and produced by Mangione, and is the title monitor from his 1977 album….Feels So Good (composition)

“Feels So Good”
Songwriter(s) Chuck Mangione
Producer(s) Chuck Mangione

Is feels so good a theme song?

There are rather a couple of people who assume the song “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione used to be used as the theme song for an 80’s sitcom, but it appears it used to be now not. This is an instrumental horn monitor that everyone has heard, and I was convinced that it was once the theme song from an 80’s sitcom.

What does flugelhorn imply?

The flugelhorn (/ˈfluːɡəlhɔːrn/), additionally spelled fluegelhorn, flugel horn, or flügelhorn, is a brass software that resembles the trumpet and cornet however has a much wider, extra conical bore. Like trumpets and cornets, maximum flugelhorns are pitched in B♭ (some are in C).

What does a flugelhorn seem like?

Flugelhorns have a brief, broad mouthpiece; 3 or four valves; and a flared bell. They range in size from bass tools with wider bores (the bore is the interior diameter of the tubing) to small soprano horns in f or e flat. To the informal observer, a flugelhorn appears to be like very much like a trumpet or cornet.

What is the difference between cornet and flugelhorn?

When used as nouns, cornet means a musical software of the brass family, fairly smaller than a trumpet, most often within the musical key of b-flat, whereas flugelhorn manner a brass device resembling a cornet however with a wider, conical bore, and generally with 3 valves, in the similar b-flat pitch as many trumpets and …

What does a cornet appear to be?

The cornet has 4 180 level curves in its tubing whereas the trumpet has best two curves. The cornet additionally has a conical formed bore (the principle bit leading as much as the bell the place the sound comes out) while the trumpet has a cylindrical formed bore.

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