What objects are 10 cm long?

What objects are 10 cm long?

– Things that are 10 cm long are a color pencil and a photograph. – Things that are between 10 and 20 cm long are a cell phone and a pocket book. – Things that are less than 1 cm long are an ant, a lemon seed and a sugar crystal.

How many centimeters long is an average pencil?

2) The standard period of a pencil is 18 cm.

What is something that could be a centimeter long?

A centimeter (cm) is about: about as long as a staple. the width of a highlighter. the diameter of a stomach button. the width of 5 CD’s stacked on most sensible of one another.

What not unusual object is 1cm?

Note a couple of objects that are kind of 1 cm vast. The very best objects to use are a normal pencil, pen, or highlighter. The width of a pencil is with reference to 1 cm. Other options come with the period of a staple, the width of five CDs or DVDs stacked in combination, the thickness of a typical notepad, and the radius of a U.S. penny.

Is 5cm long?

The Measure of Things – 5 centimeters. How long is Five centimeters? In other words, 5 centimeters is 0.93 occasions the height of a Golf Tee, and the height of a Golf Tee is 1.1 instances that amount. The maximum common golfing tee measurement and the period preferred for iron and most wooden golf equipment is 5.4 cm tall.

How long is a toothbrush in CM?

An adults toothbrush is 15.5cm long and a childs toothbrush is 13.7cm long .

How long is a fork in centimeters?


Item Size
Table Fork (3 Prong) 20.0cm / 7.9″
Table Knife 24.0cm / 9.4″
Table/Serving Spoon 21.5cm / 8.5″
Tea/Child Fork 14.2cm / 5.6″

What issues are an inch long?

Other options may come with a water bottle cap, a detachable pencil eraser, the width of a standard rubber eraser, the period of a paperclip, and the length of a typical small sewing pin. The distance between the highest knuckle of the thumb to the tip of the thumb on an grownup’s hand could also be about 1 inch long.

What objects are 5 cm long?

Everyday Examples of Metric

Measurement Example
2.8 cm Diameter of a Canadian $2 coin
5 cm Width (short aspect) of a industry card
12 cm Diameter of a traditional CD
21.5 cm The width of a normal sheet of photocopy paper

What object is 6cm long?

The pencil is 6 centimeter long.


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