What is OT5 and OT4?

What is OT5 and OT4?

It’s a play off OTP (one true pair) but extra refers back to the beautiful friendships/bromances between the stunning Harry, Niall, Louis & Liam. People used to consult with 1D as OT5. But *sniff* now it’s OT4. When you are saying I’m OT4 af it’s and extension of your strengthen to these best possible angel young children.

What does OT5 imply Kpop?

One True 5

What does OT4 mean 1D?

What’s the meaning of ot4. It approach Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall!

What is ot9 one course?

when i say i miss one direction, i mean i omit THEM. the ot9 one path. niall, louis, liam, harry, zayn, josh, sandy, dan, jon.

What is OT in Kpop?

“OT” stands for One True. When people speak about groups like SNSD and say OT9 or EXO and OT12, they’re speaking about the unique selection of participants in the team. Same with EXO and OT9, that means they don’t give a boost to Tao, Kris and Luhan since they left.

What does rude imply in Kpop?

Rude(Noun) Definition: 1. A Person Is A Tease.

Are any EXO contributors married?

EXO’s Chen and new wife welcome their first child after marriage in January.

Is Rose relationship Chanyeol?

EXO’s CHANYEOL and BLACKPINK ROSE Are Confirmed Dating! On JUNE 1, 2020, Dispatch reported that CHANYEOL and ROSE are currently dating. In response to the record, their entertainment showed that the 2 are assembly each and every different via their closers friends.

Who is Chen’s girlfriend?

​ However, Chen’s girlfriend (첸 여자친구), whom he has been seeing for roughly virtually 5 years, has been relatively a well-known figure among Chen’s enthusiasts for a very long time.

Who is the Prince of KPOP 2020?

BTS singer Jimin topped King Choice’s ‘The King of Kpop’ for the second consecutive year with whopping votes.

Who died in exo?

2, on April 24, 2017. Jonghyun began his first solo live performance excursion, The Story by means of Jonghyun, on October 2, 2015….Kim Jong-hyun (singer)

Kim Jong-hyun
Died December 18, 2017 (elderly 27) Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, Seoul
Cause of loss of life Suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning

Is Chen’s fiance pregnant?

Wedding bells are afoot for EXO’s Chen and his pregnant girlfriend. The K-pop boyband member made the surprise announcement in a letter to fanatics on Monday (Jan 13). According to Soompi, a supply from Chen’s company, SM Entertainment, confirmed the being pregnant.

Who did EXO Chen marry?

Updated January 14 KST: SM Entertainment has denied a report that claimed that Chen is already married. On January 13, the news outlet Sporbiz reported that in line with an acquaintance, Chen and his non-celebrity girlfriend held a marriage rite that day.

Is exo sehun married?

Sehun says he doesn’t plan on getting married until he’s over 30. He desires a wife who will deal with his parents well and do home tasks. His nickname is Baek-gu (white canine) as a result of his white pores and skin. He graduated from Seoul Institute Of Arts High School, which he attended while training and participating in auditions.

What is Chen’s daughters name?

Fans Are Calling Chen’s Daughter ‘Princess’ After Reports of Her Birth. The word “Insider”.

Which Kpop idols are married?

While many fans in Korea often frown upon their favorite singers courting, these 11 track stars are all getting married in 2020.

  • Chen (EXO)
  • Hyelim (Wonder Girls)
  • Changmin (TVXQ)
  • Junjin (Shinhwa)
  • Janghyun (VROMANCE)
  • Jisook (Rainbow)
  • Gummi (Crayon Pop)
  • Sunday (CSJH)

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