What is answer 15 on the impossible quiz?

What is answer 15 on the impossible quiz?

To remedy this query, you wish to have to type “horse” the usage of the in-game keyboard, since a horse makes the sounds mentioned through the message, not to mention there’s the horse’s silhouette proper there. If you whole the question, the letters will turn inexperienced. Pressing any fallacious letter makes you lose a existence.

What is neigh whinny?

Whinny is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it’s the sound a horse makes. As a verb, it’s the horse making the sound. A well-known word with the same that means as whinny is neigh. And it’s the horse’s whinny that tells you he’s ready to head for a journey.

What is the answer to quantity 15 on the impossible quiz 2?

Question 15 of The Impossible Quiz 2 simply asks “What is God?”, with the imaginable solutions being “Jesus’s Dad”, “Creator of the universe”, “A big guy with a truly great beard” and “A backwards canine”.

What is the answer to Question 75 on the impossible quiz?

Question 75 of The Impossible Quiz merely tells you to “Be prepared”. There is a large bomb in the centre of the display screen with a fit being lit to it. Right after it’s been lit, a one-second timer seems on the bomb, together with the message “Think fast!” in crimson above it.

How do you beat question 68 on the impossible quiz?

Question Sixty eight of The Impossible Quiz contains the series’ mascot, Chris the cat, sitting on a chair, and beside him a vertical bar. There is no message of any type on display. To get past this query, you wish to have to stroke Chris using the cursor so that the bar rises.

What is 49 on the impossible quiz?

Question Forty nine of The Impossible Quiz says “Which is the right kind spelling?”, regarding which of the four options beneath is the proper spelling of the name of the Quiz’s writer. The possible choices are “Slap-Me-Do”, “Slapp-Me-Do”, “Spapp-Me-Do” and “Splapp-Me-Do”.

How do you move level 45 on the impossible quiz?

The most sensible left choice says “Indeed”, the best proper one says “WRONG”, the bottom left possibility says “Why now not?”, and the bottom proper one says “ROFL”. The proper answer in this one, and the top of the options, is of course “WRONG”, so click on the top proper option field to proceed.

What is the answer to stage 48 on the impossible quiz?

The query is a connection with a Game Over screen in the Metal Gear Solid series, where the Mission Control characters would repeatedly call out the title of Snake (the sport’s protagonist), concluding with a moderately prolonged repetition of the name. So to complete what the question says, the answer is “Snaaaake!”.

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