What does x2 mean in texting in Spanish?

What does x2 mean in texting in Spanish?

twice is used in Slang. The phrase [x2] is used in Slang that means two times.

What are not unusual Spanish texting phrases?

Top 10 Spanish Texting Slang: Acronyms

  • gpi = Gracias por invitar.
  • tkm or tqm = Te quiero mucho.
  • ntp = No te preocupes. (
  • npn = No pasa nada.
  • pti = Para tu información (FYI – to your data)
  • mdi = Me da igual (It’s the same. or It doesn’t subject.
  • fds = Fin de semana (Weekend)
  • tlj = Te lo juro! (

What does S mean in Spanish texting?

You would possibly have also spotted that some Spanish speakers use the @ sign in words like [e-mail secure] or [electronic mail secure] This isn’t simply to seem cool, however moderately it’s some way of representing that the chums or other folks might be boys or women, (the place they’d typically be either amigos or amigas) and making Spanish more gender impartial.

What does ALC mean in Spanish texting?

it may also mean “al chile” that is like “yes” or “true”. But it’s a expression extra commonplace in youngsters. See a translation.

What does Spdv mean?


Acronym Definition
SPDV SpaceDev Inc. (business area exploration corporate)
SPDV Salmon Pancreas Disease Virus
SPDV Site Preliminary Design Validation

What does TBT mean in Spanish slang?

Translate “TBT” to Spanish: barrera técnica al comercio, obstáculo técnico al comercio. English Synonyms of “TBT”: technical barrier to business.

What does NTP mean in text?

The definition of NTP is “Need To Pee”

What does ALC stand for?


Acronym Definition
ALC Alcohol
ALC América Latina y el Caribe
ALC Asian Leopard Cat
ALC Air Logistics Center

What does NPW mean in Spanish?

NPW is “No Problem Whatsoever”

What FTP method?

File transfer protocol
File switch protocol (FTP) is a algorithm that computers apply for the moving of files from one system to some other over the internet. It may be utilized by a trade to transfer files from one pc machine to some other, or web pages might use FTP to add or obtain files from a website’s server.

What does NTP mean?

Network Time Protocol
NTP stands for the acronym for Network Time Protocol and is an IP Networks UDP protocol.

What does ALC stand for in schooling?

Area Learning Centers (ALC): An area finding out middle supplies comprehensive instructional products and services to enrolled secondary students all through the yr. This may include a daytime faculty within a college or separate website for each highschool and heart faculty stage scholars.

What does ALC mean in a automotive?

Automatic Level Control
Automatic Level Control (ALC) Automatic Level Control mechanically adjusts audio volume and sound quality in keeping with the rate of the car. When the automobile is going sooner, quantity will increase. When the automobile slows down, quantity decreases.

What does FTP mean in a textual content?

The abbreviation FTP approach “File Transfer Protocol,” “Free To Play,” and “F*ck The Police.” Here is more information about each of those definitions of FTP.

What does FTW mean?

for the win
FTW is an abbreviation of the word for the win.

What is NTP and its goal?

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol designed to time-synchronize a network of machines. NTP runs on User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which in flip runs on IP. NTP Version Three is documented in RFC 1305. This module describes the best way to configure Network Time Protocol on Cisco devices.

What is the entire which means of ALC?

Abbreviation : ALC ALC – Audio Limiter Control. ALC – Audio Library Context. ALC – Approximate Lethal Concentration. ALC – Accredited Land Consultant. ALC – Automatic Light Control.

What is active educating?

Active finding out is an option to instruction that comes to actively engaging students with the direction subject material through discussions, drawback fixing, case studies, role performs and different strategies.

What is ALC in track?

An amplifier with computerized degree regulate (ALC) can assist do away with the audio volume drawback posed by means of small audio system. As carried out in an amplifier like the MAX9756, ALC acts necessarily like a limiter. It detects output indicators above a suite threshold, and reduces gain to keep the output below that threshold.

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