What does nothing worth having comes easy mean?

What does nothing worth having comes easy mean?

Wise Words Wednesday: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy The quote “Nothing worth having comes easy” can observe to all sides of existence, out of your job to relationships. Anything worth having takes effort, so don’t get discouraged while you’re going through an uphill struggle.

Who mentioned nothing worth having comes easy?

Quote by means of Theodore Roosevelt

What is worth having is worth waiting for?

If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing smartly. If it’s worth having, it is worth looking forward to. If it is worth achieving, it is worth fighting for. If it’s worth experiencing, it’s worth putting apart time for.

What worth having is worth preventing for?

Theodore Roosevelt once stated: Nothing on the earth is worth having or worth doing unless it way effort, ache, difficulty… I’ve by no means in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied an excellent many of us who led tough lives and led them neatly.

Why is journey vital in existence?

There are many causes to understand the importance of adventure in our life as journey provide sure attitude in the similar method it releases our rigidity and psychological drawback as a result of the joy and happiness we enjoy all over the journey take us away from normal stressful lifestyles to a brand new glad existence a minimum of for …

Is the Bible written in metaphors?

Much of the language of the Bible is obviously metaphorical (e.g., hands, eyes, feet of God, and so forth.). The Bible has both history and metaphor. Even when describing a real historical match, the metaphorical that means of the event is what is important. The reality of the Bible does no longer depend on historical facutality.

Is the Bible metaphorical or literal?

Biblical literalists consider that, until a passage is obviously intended via the author as allegory, poetry, or another style, the Bible should be interpreted as literal statements by the author. Critics argue that allegorical intent will also be ambiguous.

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