What does it mean when a girl says ahhh?

What does it mean when a girl says ahhh?

What does it mean if a girl answers with “ahhh” once I confess my love to her over text? It merely manner, “Oh, ok” (while considering to herself, “STALKER & CREEP ALERT! You instructed her something “I really like you” but you did not however you didn’t ask her a query.

How do you spell Aww as in adorable?

Correct Spelling, Punctuation and Apostrophe Use ‘Aww’. ‘Awe’ is an emotion similar to wonder, but less joyous, and more anxious or respectful. ‘Aww’ is an exclamation of pity, or appreciation for cuteness or sweetness.

How do you spell the sound of excitement?

Whoop-de-doo and its many variants put across mocking reaction to something meant to impress. Woo and woo-hoo (and diversifications like yahoo, yee-haw, and yippee) indicate excitement. (Woot, additionally spelled w00t amongst a web based in-crowd, is a more than likely ephemeral variant.)

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