The new Roblox BedWars Lassy Rework update has been released!

The newest update to Roblox BedWars brings an absolutely rework to the Lassy package! There’s also a brand new merchandise that you will in finding in the Lucky Block, which is the Vacuum. This will assist you to vacuum your enemies and fireplace them away! There’s three new loose kits for the week, as well as some new maps to try.

Check out our BedWars Commands List publish to be told all of the instructions available in the sport! You can in finding all of the reliable patch notes from the Discord under.

Lassy (REWORK!)

Lassy now has a much more powerful lasso! She can pull enemies all the method to her. Additionally, her lasso now disables all motion talents for 7 seconds (Jade, Void Regent & Yuzi).

Vacuum (NEW Lucky Block Item!)

Use this new merchandise to vacuum your enemies and shoot them away!

Clan Chat

You can now talk in real-time & go away messages on your clanmates!

Game Modes (NEW Rotation)

  • Skywars Doubles is again! (Replacing Skywars Squads)
  • Duels is again! (Replacing Gun sport)

Free Kits of the Week

  • Farmer Cletus
  • Baker
  • Archer

New Maps

  • Sanctum (Doubles)
  • Sanctum (Squads)

Other Changes

  • Life Steal nerf max overheal defend: 25 → 10
  • Life Steal nerf heal according to 2nd: 9 → 4
  • Vending Machine emerald value: 8 → 6
  • Vending Machine loot pool: Dodo chicken removed
  • Bear Claws swipe damage: 25 → 45
  • Ember fix: Disable charging whilst the use of spin assault
  • Ember & Lumen: Fix stuck in fee weapon state

Be certain to move into Roblox BedWars and give this update a check out once you can!

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