Super Witch, a powered up card, has been leaked for Clash Royale

Clash Royale updates pretty significantly each and every month, and it looks like the next update can be bringing a new powered up card variant. Last month, we won the Mighty Miner, who is a hero card that could burrow underground and finish up on the different aspect of the sector. While this isn’t precisely a new mythical

The new powered up card this is coming to Clash Royale is the Super Witch. The card used to be proven through the Twitter account CRLeaks, and you’ll find a video of it in action beneath.

It is important to notice that this isn’t a card that shall be completely in the game. This is similar to the Super Lava Hound, which was once a limited-edition variant and used to be handiest available for a one week problem. Super Witch will also be all for a unique challenge that will make the most of her strengths. You can see her stats underneath.

Season 35 of Clash Royale is with reference to here and it sounds as if in keeping with the leaks it’ll be referred to as Bewitched! There shall be some new emotes and a new tower pores and skin for you to assemble!

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