Is there a code for sectioning a bridge?

Is there a code for sectioning a bridge?

Charles Blair – Code D9120. This code reports the separation of one or more connections between retainer crowns (abutment crown) and pontics when a portion of the fixed partial denture remains intact and serviceable.

Can a dental bridge be cut?

Loose bridges can often be easily removed and repaired, allowing your dentist to recement the bridge into place. However, the cement used to bond a bridge in place is designed to last for many years and it is not always possible to remove a bridge without causing damage to the support of surrounding teeth.

What is the dental code for a crown?

13 Dental Fee Schedule

ADA Code Description Allowance
02740 Crown—porcelain/ceramic substrate $742.00
02750 Crown—porcelain fused to high noble metal $708.00
02751 Crown—porcelain fused to predominantly base metal $504.00
02752 Crown—porcelain fused to noble metal $504.00

Can a porcelain bridge be cut?

To avoid this problem, the bridge can be cut off, but of course that necessitates replacing it with a new one. If the loose bridge has been caused by abutment tooth decay, the abutment tooth will need to be treated, if possible, by cleaning or root canal.

What is dental Code D6011?

D6011 is used to describe the “second stage” surgical process whereby the implant body, i.e., D6010, is exposed, after osseous integration. Typically a healing cap is placed into the endosteal implant once the body of the implant is surgically exposed after osseous integration.

What is the Pontic code on an implant supported bridge?

The pontic on an implant supported bridge is reported using the conventional pontic code representing the material used (e.g., D6245 for a porcelain/ceramic pontic). However, the bridge retainer codes vary depending on whether or not an abutment was used to attach the bridge retainer to the implant body.

Is the correct code to recement a 3 unit bridge d6930?

Yes, according to the ADA and several insurance carriers D6930 is an apporpriate code for bridge recementation.

What is a bridge in a dental prosthetic?

By PatientConnect365. A bridge is a form of dental prosthetic that allows for the placement of an artificial tooth in an area where a healthy tooth used to exist. When an entire tooth is lost, a bridge acts as a unifying device that supports the artificial tooth (called a pontic), and eliminates the gap between adjacent teeth.

What is the dental code for a retainer Crown?

D6740: Retainer Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic With this dental procedure code, the prosthetic crown fitted over the tooth is made of porcelain or ceramic.

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