Is rust pure or mixture?

Is rust pure or mixture?

Is rust a component, compound, or mixture? Rust a.okay.a ferric oxide is a chemical compound. It is composed of different parts i.e. iron (Fe) and oxygen (O) that bond chemically in a hard and fast proportion. Thus, it’s neither a component nor a mixture.

Is rust a element compound homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture?

sand and salt: heterogeneous; salt water: homogeneous; pure water: compound; tossed salad: heterogeneous; hydrogen: component; unfiltered air: homogeneous; an apple: heterogeneous; granite: heterogeneous; iron: element; iron with rust: heterogeneous; nitric acid: compound; wooden: heterogeneous.

Is steel a heterogenous or homogenous?

Steel is a homogeneous mixture, on the other hand it is constructed from iron and carbon. A pure substance is other from a homo- geneous mixture because a pure substance has just one component.

Why is sulfur a heterogeneous mixture?

It contains one form of atoms all through on the irony compounds have atoms of different elements. Sulphur is additionally not a mixture because it is now not added with something to make itself .

What makes rust a pure substance or a mixture?

Rust is typically a mixture of iron (image Fe) oxygen (symbol O) and a few hydrogen (image H). Most rust has the chemical formulation FeO2H, also written as FeO (OH), and mineral title of this subject matter is lepidocrocite (pronounced lay-pedo-kro-kite). Why is iron homogeneous?

What is the chemical formulation for iron rust?

Rust is usually a mixture of iron (image Fe) oxygen (image O) and some hydrogen (symbol H). Most rust has the chemical components FeO2H, additionally written as FeO (OH), and mineral name of this material is lepidocrocite (pronounced lay-pedo-kro-kite). Is iron rust heterogeneous or homogeneous?

What more or less heterogeneous mixture is oil and water?

What roughly heterogeneous mixture is oil and water? A heterogeneous mixture consists of 2 or extra phases. When oil and water are blended, they do not mix flippantly, but as a substitute form two separate layers. Each of the layers is called a section. Oil and water do not mix, instead forming two distinct layers known as levels.

Which is an instance of a homogeneous mixture?

An answer is defined as: “a homogeneous mixture composed of two or extra elements” Alcohol by myself would not represent a mixture of multiple components and would subsequently not be an answer. Is peanut butter a homogeneous mixture?

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