How to get The World (TW) in AUT (A Universal Time)

There’s quite a lot of other tough Stands in the world of Roblox A Universal Time. While you will start out stabbing your self with arrows to get them, you’re going to eventually need to entire quests to evolve them to turn into more robust. The World is this kind of Stands, and you’ll need to whole a slightly simple quest to get it! We’ll show you how in this information.

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The World Stand

To get The World in A Universal Time, you are going to want to download the Shadow Dio Stand via obtaining it from a Stand Arrow or buying and selling for it. Once you might have Shadow Dio, you wish to have to talk to Him in the Forest whilst using the Shadow Dio Stand to download the Shadow’s Demands quest. Complete all the duties in that quest to receive a Vial of Joestar’s Blood. Use this in your Shadow Dio Stand to get The World Stand!

The first step on your way to The World is getting the Shadow Dio Stand. This can be obtained at random by way of stabbing your self with Stand Arrows. You can get those from Meteors that fall out of the sky onto the mountains and seaside portions of the map. You can even to find them in chests that spawn round the the city randomly. You too can industry for it with another player. If you stab yourself with an arrow and it isn’t Shadow Dio then you wish to have to both reserve it or reset it using the NPCs in the park.

Once you’ve the Shadow Dio Stand, you wish to have to head to the Forest part of the map and look for Him. He is a dismal and brooding figure who will be leaning up in opposition to a tree. You won’t all the time in finding them there, as a result of he handiest has a 69% chance to spawn every 10 minutes. Once you do to find Him, talk to them whilst the usage of the Shadow Dio Stand to get the Shadow’s Demand quest.

Once you have got the quest, you’ll be able to view it by means of hitting the M key after which clicking on Quests. It has 4 necessities, that are the following:

  • Time Stop: 0/5
  • Drain Blood: 0/2,500
  • Take Damage: 0/17,500
  • Inflict Damage: 0/15,000

Time Stop will also be carried out through hitting the F key. It doesn’t seem to always paintings, so take a look at transitioning out of your Stand with the Q key if you can’t use it for some reason. It has a long cooldown, so just do it when it comes up.

To Drain Blood, you’ll need to use the Blood Suck talent which is the Y key. You lunge ahead while you use this transfer, so be sure to target something this is in entrance of you.

Taking and inflicting harm are beautiful obvious, then again, they’ll take quite some time. You’ll just want to go and struggle different gamers. If you’ve finished the taking injury portion, you’ll just beat up some dummies to complete the inflicting damage part!

Once you’ve executed all the steps, you will be rewarded with the Vial of Joestar’s Blood! Use this item when you are the usage of the Shadow Dio Stand and you’re going to obtain The World Stand!

That’s everything we know about getting The World Stand in Roblox A Universal Time presently. We have more protection of the recreation in the A Universal Time phase of our website!

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