How to get Moon Breathing in Slayers Unleashed

Moon Breathing is the most recent skill set to be launched into Roblox Slayers Unleashed. This has been awaited for a long time, so gamers are patently excited to get their arms on it. Moon is pretty tricky to get because of a difficult boss combat, and the requirements you need to obtain to combat the boss! We’ll let you know what you need to know in this information.

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Moon Breathing Guide

To get Moon Breathing in Roblox Slayers Unleashed, you will want to communicate to Rac the Injured Demon Slayer NPC near the rice fields. This will ship you to Kokushibou’s Lair, where you’re going to need to battle Kokushibou and defeat them to have a possibility to get Moon Breathing!

You need to be the Hybrid race and over level 150 to combat the Kokushibou boss! I’m pretty certain you’ll want either the Tsugikuni or Tokito clan to get Moon Breathing. You will have an 85% likelihood for it to drop from the boss if you have Tusgikuni, and Tokito offers you a 50% chance.

The stage requirement used to be diminished from 250 to 150 in the .051 version update. That doesn’t mean you will have to attempt the fight at that degree, as a result of it will be very difficult!

Here’s how you located the Injured Demon Slayer NPC:

According to the builders, this boss fight was once in particular made to be tricky because it was once too easy to get Sun Breathing for avid gamers. So, for those who’re struggling with this fight, it’s supposed to be that way!

You will on the very least want to have Demon Regen available to you as a way to heal one of the crucial harm that you are taking. I’ve noticed talk that Insect and DOMA also are superb for scuffling with against Kokushibou. It would also be very best if you’re much upper than degree 250, because whilst that is the requirement, it’s still the baseline level you want to be.

Moon Breathing Abilities

  • Evening Palace – User fires off two Solar Dragons that monitor to the nearest personality to your mouse cursor
  • Loathsome Moon – User performs Multiple dances in a row and strikes the closest enemy
  • Mirror of Misfortune – User thrusts there blade and calls down Slashed from the Sun
  • Moon-Dragon Ringtail – User spins the air and slashes down near to the mouse cursor

That’s the whole thing we find out about how to get Moon Breathing in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be certain to take a look at our Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes put up to see all the details from current and future updates.

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