How to get Beans in Wacky Wizards

If you’re taking a look to in finding the Beans element for Roblox Wacky Wizards then you’re going to want to undergo a few steps prior to you’re able to obtain it. These aren’t too tricky, but they do require some particular potions and a few distance operating to get. Once you’ve finished the potion phase of the problem, you will then want to make some particular jumps over a deadly lava pool to in the end find the Beans!

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Where-to Find the Beans in Wacky Wizards

Time wanted: 10 minutes.

To get beans in Wacky Wizards, you’re going to need to use multiple potions to get through a lot of hindrances inside of a volcano! To entire the search, you’re going to need access to an Explosive, Giant, and Tiny Potion. Thankfully, those are all lovely easy to get and we can describe the method below.

  1. Create an Explosive Potion

    The first step is to make an Explosive Potion. All you need for that is the Dynamite, which you’ll find here if you don’t already have it. Throw the Dynamite into your cauldron and seize the potion, but DON’T DRINK IT! Run over to the volcano area where you’re going to find a rubble crammed cave front. Once you’re next to the doorway, drink the potion to take away the rubble to be able to get admission to the realm.Wacky Wizards Beans Step1 Image

  2. Create a Giant Potion

    Once you explode, you’ll finally end up back at your cauldron, which is a good thing! We now need to create a Giant Potion. Drain your cauldron and then throw a Giant’s Ear in it. Create the potion and again don’t drink it. Run again over to the volcano where the entryway must now be clear. Once you’re inside of you will discover a No Fly Zone sign, which lets you know that you’ll be able to’t be flying in here to take a shortcut. Go to the left the place you’ll find a spoon and click on on it to pour your potion on it to amplify it which makes a bridge for you.Wacky Wizards Beans Step2 Image

  3. Create a Tiny Potion

    Before you cross traversing at the spoon, teleport again to your cauldron. We need one more potion to make it up to the Beans. Drain your cauldron again, and this time position a Fairy inside it. Create the potion which would be the Tiny Potion. Take that potion and run back to the volcano and move over the spoon to the second platform. Don’t bounce on the wooden elevator but! If you land on it earlier than you drink the Tiny Potion you are going to be too heavy and get dropped into the lava. Drink the potion and if you’re tiny soar onto it.Wacky Wizards Beans Step3 Image

  4. Complete the Obby/Wall Obstacle

    Now you need to hope you’ve follow your obby skills, because you’ll want to soar your method on all the platforms to reach the top. If you fall into the lava, take into account that you’ll want to clutch another Tiny Potion before you run again!Wacky Wizards Beans Step4 Image

  5. Return with the Beans

    Hit the teleport back to cauldron button and throw the beans into the pot. This will allow you to have permanent get entry to to the beans as an element for any long run potions!

That’s the whole thing you want to know about finding the Beans in Wacky Wizards. If you need to know what you can make with this element, check out our Wacky Wizards Potions listing and Ingredients List!

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