How old is David Selby from Dark Shadows?

How old is David Selby from Dark Shadows?

80 years (February 5, 1941)
David Selby/Age

Who played Quentin Collins?

David SelbyEvening of Dark Shadows
Quentin Collins/Played by

David Lynn Selby (born February 5, 1941) is an American film, tv and degree actor. He is best known for playing Quentin Collins in the sunlight hours soap opera Dark Shadows (1968–71), and Richard Channing in the prime-time cleaning soap opera Falcon Crest (1982–90).

When did Quentin first seem on Dark Shadows?

16 December 1968

Quentin Collins
First look Dark Shadows #646 16 December 1968
Last look The Rage Beneath
Created by Dan Curtis

Is Quentin Collins still alive?

He was once brother-in-law to Laura Collins, Magda Rakosi, and Gregory Trask….

Quentin Collins
Production Information
Age 27 (1897) 100 (1970) 113 (1983) 125 (1995)
Date of birth 1870
Year of demise 1897 (negated time-line)

How old is David Selby?

How tall is David Selby?

1.9 m
David Selby/Height

Is David from Dark Shadows nonetheless alive?

Henesy in the end left performing as he grew up, and recently lives in Panama City, Panama with his wife, Carolina Rodriguez….

David Henesy
Biographical Information
Birth date October 20, 1956
Production Information
Productions Dark Shadows House of Dark Shadows

What happened to Jenny Collins youngsters?

Jenny’s sister, Magda, positioned a werewolf curse upon Quentin and all his male descendants. Magda was once not aware that Jenny had given beginning to twins, one boy and one lady. The little boy died because of Julianka’s curse, however the little girl, Lenore most effective changed into ill some weeks later.

Does Barnabas turn into a vampire again?

Barnabas was released from his vampire curse back in 1969, however he changed into a vampire once more when he began this 1897 time trip, and he’s been here for six and a part months.

Is David from dark shadows still alive?

How tall is David Shelby?

How old is David Selby in real life?

David Selby was born on February 5, 1941, in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States He grew up there with his Family. His full identify is David Lynn Selby and his nickname is David. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is Eighty years old (in 2021).

Where used to be David Selby born and raised in West Virginia?

Selby was once born on February 5, 1941, in Morgantown, West Virginia, the son of Sarah E. (née McIntyre) and Clyde Ira Selby, a wood worker.

What roughly books does David Selby write?

Selby is also an completed creator. His paintings comprises the plays Lincoln and James and Final Assault, in addition to the poetry collections My Mother’s Autumn and Happenstance. Novels he has written come with Lincoln’s Better Angel and The Blue Door.

When did David Selby get an honorary doctorate?

In 1998, West Virginia University awarded Selby its first “Life Achievement Award” from the College of Creative Arts. He gained an honorary doctorate in 2004. ^ “David Selby Biography (1941-)”.

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