How do you make an AXE in little alchemy?

How do you make an AXE in little alchemy?

Walkthrough for axe in Little Alchemy

  1. earth + water = mud.
  2. earth + fireplace = lava.
  3. air + hearth = energy.
  4. air + water = rain.
  5. earth + rain = plant.
  6. air + lava = stone.
  7. fire + stone = metal.
  8. air + stone = sand.

What can u make on little alchemy?

Complete Element and Ingredient Combination List for Little Alchemy

Resulting Element Ingredient Combination(s)
Armadillo wild animal, armor
Armor instrument, steel / tool, steel
Ash volcano, energy
Astronaut human, moon / rocket, human / human, area station / human, area

How do you make wooden in Little academy?

You need an axe and strike it at the tree branches to get wood.

How do you make paper in little alchemy?

There mainly 4 hints to make paper.

  1. Hint 1: Machine and Wood.
  2. Hint 2: Water and Wood.
  3. Hint 3: Pressure and Wood.
  4. Hint 4: Blender and Wood.

How to make stuff in Little alchemy?

Drag “air” onto the taking part in board. You’ll in finding the air icon on the most sensible of the menu that’s on the proper facet of Little Alchemy.

  • Drag “fire” onto the “air” item. This will combine the weather to create power,which is represented via the equation for power.
  • Leave the “energy” merchandise at the board.
  • Create the “dust” merchandise.
  • Create the “rain” item.
  • How do you make tree on Little alchemy?

    To make a tree in Little Alchemy 2, you want to make plant first. Then you may combine Plant with Big to create Tree. See the detailed directions under. Fire + Earth = Lava . Lava + Earth = Volcano. Water + Water = Puddle. Water + Puddle = Pond.

    What are the elements in Little alchemy?

    In Little Alchemy 1, there are Four basic parts, which are available from the start: air, earth, fireplace, and water.

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