How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

Type “[spoiler]” in the feedback segment to open the spoiler tag. Type the phrases that you want to have seem as black text on a black background. Type “[/spoiler]” to close the spoiler tag. Click “Submit” to publish the put up.

How do you quote on 4chan?

To quote a portion of textual content, simply position a pointer (“>”) in front of the textual content you wish to spotlight (ex. “>This is a quote”). To link to and spotlight a whole put up, position two guidelines in front of its unique put up quantity (ex. “>>210981”).

What does Delete Post do 4chan?

As with most on-line image forums and boards, 4chan permits you to delete most of your posts at any time. Deleting a put up can be a good idea if you alternate your thoughts about content you’ve posted or feel the reaction it’s receiving isn’t in keeping with your meant message.

How do you get your name on 4chan?

> It works like this: In the name box, type a reputation, adopted through #, adopted by means of a password (or phrase, no matter).

How do you Greentext on 4chan?

Simply type a “>” prior to your text, and it appears as inexperienced. Type the forward arrow earlier than each and every line and don’t leave a space between it and the primary word in the line. This is all it takes to make a 4chan greentext story, in theory, despite the fact that there may be more to imagine than just the colour of the textual content.

What is Sage 4chan?

So, the use of sage as a way to ‘downvote’ is just a means of adding in opposition to the thread limit without bumping the thread. It’s a round-about approach to do it though (vs. direct downvoting). “sage” originates from 2chan (aka Futaba Channel), which was the foundation for 4chan. ‘sage’ is brief for sageru.

How do you use green text?

How do you publish a answer on 4chan?

How to Reply to Posts on 4Chan

  1. Visit 4Chan site on your Internet browser; see hyperlink in Resources.
  2. Go to the post that you want to respond to.
  3. Click the “Reply” hyperlink subsequent to the submit.
  4. Enter your title, email address, topic of your answer and your comments in regards to the submit in the respective “Reply” fields.

Why can’t I delete 4chan submit?

Typically, when you are submitting a submit on 4chan, you can create a password for that particular put up. In that case, you should use that password if you want to delete the submit later. Otherwise, you will be unable to delete the submit.

Who is this 4chan man?

Christopher Poole
He founded the anonymous English-language imageboard 4chan in October 2003, and served as the website’s head administrator for greater than 11 years earlier than stepping down in January 2015….

Christopher Poole
Occupation Entrepreneur, Google worker
Known for Founder and previous administrator of 4chan

Does 4chan have an app?

Although there isn’t any legit app the neighborhood has advanced many unofficial apps specifically tailored for mobile use. I have found and created an inventory of very best 4chan apps for Android and iOS.

What is inexperienced texting?

If your iPhone messages are inexperienced, it implies that they’re being sent as SMS textual content messages fairly than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages only paintings between Apple users. You’ll all the time see green when writing to Android users, or when you’re now not hooked up to the web.

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