Full Call of Duty Warzone 2 Map Revealed

We’ve been no stranger to Call of Duty leaks these past couple of weeks, with large quantities of information leaking for Warzone 2.

One of the most important mysteries even though, is what does the brand new Warzone 2 map look like? I’ve in the past leaked all of the map POIs or even teased the map on my Twitter account, but lately I assumed it might simplest be becoming to turn the real size and scale of the brand new Warzone map in all of its glory.

Exclusively revealed by myself and Try Hard Guides, that is what the legitimate Warzone 2 map currently seems like via a drawing.


For simplicity’s sake, I didn’t come with all of the roads on the map, instead, I relied on simply the principle features. Water is in blue, densely built-up spaces in grey, increased spaces in dark brown, the rail track in black, and the land in brown. In addition, I’ve also incorporated a pink sq. in a separate symbol, which highlights the place on the map @TheMW2Ghost’s minimap drawing is located.

As proven, the Warzone 2 map includes a decent quantity of water which is because Warzone 2 will introduce a swimming mechanic into the Warzone series for the primary time. Of course, a elementary map drawing does now not give justice to the dimensions of the map, however from my impressions it does appear bigger than that of Verdansk and Caldera, particularly considering if the grid reference is accurate.

It’s believed that each Warzone 2 and the DMZ will proportion the same map in some capacity, with TheMW2Ghost receiving the original image and movies past due final 12 months, that have been referenced as the DMZ. My own sources since advised that the DMZ will indeed percentage the similar map, with one supply saying “why make more maps for 2 other modes when you can just build it in one”.

It has been instructed that all of the map will not be playable suddenly for the DMZ, as an alternative, it seems that best parts of the map will probably be playable as sub-levels. There’s still a lot of mystery still surrounding the DMZ, but with Warzone 2 leaks revealing a brand new armor machine, bag system, and even strongholds guarded via AI, it’s no longer hard to look how these Warzone 2 features and map could be used for the DMZ.

Sources have also reasserted that each Modern Warfare 2 and the DMZ are in lively construction and issues are subject to change. In fact, Infinity Ward is already reviewing the bag device that was heavily scrutinised in the most recent Playtest sessions and from the Call of Duty group following the leaks.

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