Did Jack Elam have a family?

Did Jack Elam have a family?

Elam was once born in Miami in Gila County in south-central Arizona, to Millard Elam and Alice Amelia Kirby. His mom died in September 1924, when Jack was once best 3. By 1930, he was dwelling along with his father, older sister Mildred, and their stepmother, Flossie Varney Elam.

Did Jack Elam have any siblings?

Mildred Elam
Jack Elam/Siblings

Who did Jack Elam marry?

Margaret Jennisonm. 1961–2003
Jean Elamm. 1937–1961
Jack Elam/Spouse

What was Jack Elam’s web price when he died?

Jack Elam kicked the bucket on October 20, 2003 at Eighty two years outdated from congestive center failure….Jack Elam Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 13, 1920 – Oct 20, 2003 (Eighty two years outdated)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Actor

Did William Boyd have a picket leg?

He also had a gimpy leg, therefore the name. In truth Boyd was more like the original Hopalong when he got the role. The new Hopalong used to be reworked into a clean-cut hero. It’s stated Mulford fainted when he attended a movie starring Hollywood’s version of his seedy character.

What is Forest Whitaker eye?

In Forest Whitaker’s case, he was born with ptosis in his left eye. After he was a widely acclaimed actor, some critics even noted that his ptosis has helped him in his portrayal of more sophisticated characters.

How old is Woody Strode?

80 years (1914–1994)
Woody Strode/Age at demise
Woody Strode, an impressive persona actor who played supporting roles in such vintage westerns and dress epics as “Spartacus,” died in his sleep at his house right here on Saturday. He was once 80. Lung cancer was once recognized a yr ago, said his daughter, June.

How outdated is Ernest Borgnine?

95 years (1917–2012)
Ernest Borgnine/Age at death

What used to be Charles Bronson’s internet worth?

At the height of his status within the early 1970s, he was once the arena’s No. 1 field workplace attraction, commanding $1 million in keeping with film….

Charles Bronson
Born Charles Dennis BuchinskyNovember 3, 1921 Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died August 30, 2003 (elderly 81) Los Angeles, California, U.S.

How repeatedly did Jack Elam seem in Gunsmoke?

” He had primary roles in five television series, together with ”The Dakotas” and ”Struck via Lightning” and appeared as a visitor in many others, including more than 20 ”Gunsmoke” episodes.

What took place to Hopalong Cassidy’s horse Topper?

Topper died in 1961 and is buried in a puppy cemetery in Calabasas, California, close to the spaces where most of their movies have been made.

Who are the fogeys of Jack Elam’s youngsters?

Predominantly performed imply, scheming henchmen in Westerns. Parents are Millard Elam and Alice Amelia Kriby. Had two daughters, Jeri Elam and Jacqueline Elam, and one son, Scott Elam.

When did Jack Elam lie about his yr of start?

“Who is Jack Elam?”. A majority of resources gave 1916 or 1918 as his yr of birth. However, buddies of his admitted that he lied about his age to get into the trade previous. The 12 months on his delivery certificates (that surfaced) reads 1920.

How did Jack Elam get his immobile eye?

Made a occupation with his eerie, immobile eye, which was once led to by means of a battle with every other kid at age 12. It came about throughout a Boy Scout assembly when some other boy took a pencil, threw it, and it jabbed his eyeball. Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1994.

Who used to be Jack Elam’s persona within the Dakotas?

The Dakotas was ran for 19 episodes. He played George Taggart, a gunslinger-turned-marshal, within the NBC/WB collection Temple Houston, with Jeffrey Hunter in the identify role. Elam got this section after James Coburn declined the role. That sequence ran for 26 weeks. In 1966, Jack Elam co-starred with Clint Walker within the Western film The Night of the Grizzly.

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