Dawn Stone Location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) at the moment are to be had for the Nintendo Switch, and with their unlock comes quite a lot of attention-grabbing demanding situations and questions for gamers. While the video games are rather straight-forward, some of the new mechanics and amusing facets of them generally is a bit difficult! If you are looking for the Dawn Stone in this set of games, we’ll display you find out how to get them as a way to evolve some Pokemon!

Dawn Stone Location in BDSP

To get a Dawn Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) you’re going to both want to head to Mount Coronet or the Survival Area to seek out them as floor loot. You can also use the Pokemon Pachirisu, which will have the Pickup talent, and will occasionally steal them from other Pokemon.

The Dawn Stone can be utilized to conform the Pokemon Kirlia to Gallade and Snorunt to Froslass.

Pachirisu Method

One manner that you’ll be able to use to get a Dawn Stone is to catch a Pachirisu on the Valley Windworks space of the sport. You will need one that has the Pickup ability, which does the following:

The Pokemon may pick up the article an opposing Pokemon used all the way through a fight. It might pick up items outside of battle, too.

Once you get one, carry the Parchirisu’s stage to 11 (required to get a possibility at one of the crucial evolution stones) and then struggle running shoes. Make sure to check the Pokemon after every combat to peer if it has acquired an merchandise. If it has one, be sure you take away it so it may grasp another one in the following battle. Keep this up till you’ve got the Dawn Stone you are attempting to get!

A few tips for this is that you’ll use a Budew that has the Worry Seed move on it when you come across a Pachirisu to turn what skill is on it. This way you don’t need to waste time catching a Pachirisu that doesn’t have Pickup.

If you truly wish to collect up some pieces, you should imagine getting more than one Pachirisu and having them in your celebration so you have got a couple of probabilities to get what you want.

This means will also seize things like Shiny Stones and Dusk Stones, so you’ll be able to evolve additional Pokemon if you want.

Other Methods

There are these days two known places to get Dawn Stones in both video games as ground loot. One of them can also be obtained earlier than completing the sport, however you will need to be quite a long way alongside to get it. The other is to be had in the post-game content material.

One of the Dawn Stones would require you to head over to Oreburgh City, which is an early location you are going to visit in the game. However, it is important to have a motorbike, mach mode, and Surf to get it. This method you’ll want at least Five badges, because Surf is pretty deep into the game.

From Oreburgh City, commute north to Route 207. Hop to your motorbike, in case you aren’t already on it, and find the mudslide space. Change your motorbike to mach mode, and trip up the mudslide. You will now head to the correct and enter into the cave which takes you into Mount Coronet.

Once you’ve entered into the mountain, head south and then grasp a proper once you’ve reached the end of the water. cross south up the steps and against the water. Use Surf to hop on a Pokemon and make your manner the entire solution to the right. When you reach the end of the water, hop out and snatch the thing there, which will be the Dawn Stone!

If you’re into the post-game content of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you even have access to a second Dawn Stone. This one is located in the Survival Area of the map.

Travel to the Survival Area and head to the left from the Pokemon Center and over to Route 225. You must see a mountains area in the tall grass with a rock wall. Use Rock Climb to climb up it, and you’re going to see an item that you’ll gather, which is the second Dawn Stone.

If you were given misplaced alongside the best way in this guide, be sure to try this video:

That’s the entirety you wish to have to learn about discovering the Dawn Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! If you wish to have to learn extra about the games, make sure to check out the Pokemon section of our web page.

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