Can you see deleted comments on YouTube?

Can you see deleted comments on YouTube?

Is it conceivable to retrieve comments from deleted YouTube movies? No, I as soon as attempted to do just that, but when a youtube is long gone, so is all the related content. They would possibly archive comments, but there’s no method to retrieve them.

Why do my YouTube comments get deleted?

In maximum cases, comments that it thinks is also junk mail gets hidden and end up in the uploader’s “Comments” tab in YouTube Studio underneath “most probably spam”. They keep there until the uploader critiques them and both deletes them or approves them. If licensed they reappear on the video.

Will anyone know if I deleted their comment?

Hiding the Facebook comment will stay it hidden from everyone aside from that particular person and their friends. Deleting the Facebook remark will erase it; no one will be able to see it. The user will know that the destructive remark has been deleted in the event that they pass to view it once more, however they won’t be notified of its deletion.

How do I see hidden comments on YouTube?

You can view those comments from YouTube Studio, not the watch web page. At the bottom of the tab, you might see a link to “Show hidden comments.” Click it to view probably hurtful comments which can be routinely held for assessment.

How do I see YouTube comments via consumer?

Enter the username and click on “Search comments.” This is the one current YouTube function that does allow direct username searches to search out comments. However, only contemporary comments up to now few hours come again within the search.

How do I manage YouTube comments?

Here’s tips on how to edit comments you’ve made on considered one of your brand’s YouTube movies:

  1. Navigate for your channel in YouTube. Click on your profile icon within the peak right hand nook and choose Your Channel.
  2. Navigate for your YouTube History.
  3. Under History Type, select Comments.
  4. Click Edit and make your changes.

How do you delete all YouTube comments you’ve made?

Navigate to the “Comments” tab. This will deliver up all of your remark history. You can delete any or all comments by way of using the drop down menu at the proper aspect of every remark and clicking delete. This will engage a affirmation urged asking if you truly wish to delete the remark.

Are YouTube comments searchable?

You’re protected from other folks looking your title on YouTube but people can find your comments via a Google search. When you comment on a YouTube video, that remark is displayed alongside the video. You’re protected from other people looking out your name on YouTube however folks can in finding your comments via a Google search.

How do I in finding Youtubers comments?

How to seek out your YouTube comments

  1. On the YouTube homepage, click on the three parallel lines on the top-left nook of the display screen, then click the word “History” from the menu that looks.
  2. On the proper aspect of the display screen, click the bubble beside the phrase “Comments.”

How do I see all of the comments I made on YouTube?

How to View the Comments You’ve Posted on YouTube

  1. Go to the YouTube homepage and find the left-hand navigation menu. Click ‘History’.
  2. On the best facet of this display, you’ll see a panel known as History Type. Select the ‘Comments’ choice.
  3. The subsequent factor you’ll see is a choice of comments you’ve posted on YouTube.

Who was the primary YouTuber ever?

Jawed Karim

How long is a YouTube URL?

Whereas your standard link weighs in at round 20 characters, a link comes out to 27 characters, primarily as a result of YouTube IDs are a beefy 11 characters long. That may not sound like a lot, however the ones extra 7 characters constitute 5% of your maximum tweet length.

How many YouTube URLs are there?

464 URLs

How many hours of YouTube is watched every day?

One billionhours

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